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Contact Us By Email

Welcome or Welcome Back!

Since we are “newbies” to this type of fast turn-around online buying, and shipping, we expect there may be some glitches. We encourage you to communicate and let us know what we may need to fix, improve on, or just plain ditch.

Until we have a better contact form system to sort incoming email, we ask that you please provide us with certain information when writing to us:

  • purchased a product and it has not been delivered
  • purchased product arrived damaged
  • purchased product is not what was expected
  • specify issue: paper quality
  • tonal quality of print not what you expected
  • layout significantly wrong for what you expected
  • wrong product delivered

When communicating with us about any of these quality control concerns, it is best to send along attachments of pics of the product to assist in understanding what needs to be done before you engage in returning the product for a refund or replacement. To send attachments at this time, please use the email link directly below.