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Original Print from Rare 35mm Photo of Jim Hall Chaparral 2J's Last Race Lap 2 1970 Riverside Can-Am

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Original Print from Very Rare B&W 35mm Photo of Jim Hall's Chaparral 2J in Turn 6 during the both the Chaparral and Jim Hall's last Can-Am Race (Lap 2) 1970 Riverside Can-Am. Currently, being offered only in the size of print preferred by the photographer (me "the photographer's cut"), at 20H" x 30W".

Original, numbered, signed print that you will not find anywhere else. Even the driver, Vic Elford, and the constructor, Jim Hall, do not own such a photograph. Note that any number showing on samples are for information only. Your print will have its own number, unique to it, with a limited edition of 200 prints. Signature is original, signed by me before shipping. Watermarks that appear on sample photographs are obviously not present on your purchased print. They are on samples to help deter misuse of unpurchased images. Also, image displays at this site cannot exceed 10 Mb which means they look quite less sharp than the 30 Mb image from which the print is made.

Negatives from photo sessions at the Riverside International Raceway (RIR) Can-Ams in 1969 and 1970 were lost for over 50 years and found by accident in March 2020 hidden in my storage unit. Amazing. Shocking. I thought they were lost forever. The negatives contained photographs that are one-of-a-kind of Bruce McLaren's last race at RIR (died in car test crash in June 1970 in the UK). Also, contained pictures of the very last 4 laps that were raced by Jim Hall's Chaparral 2J which was also the last time Jim Hall's team entered a CanAm in 1970.

Two photos are currently being offered. This one is Lap 2 (Riverside, Nov. 1, 1970) of the last four of the Chaparral's racing life, period. The other photo you will find here is from Lap 4 where you can see a trail of smoke behind the car as its ground effects motor (a snowmobile motor) died.

This photo is shows the car before it started smoking on Lap 4.

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