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"Last Harbor." Decaying Purse Seiner next to Old Cannery Pilings, Ship Harbor, Anacortes, WA 1968

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Entitled "Last Harbor" this original photograph on 35mm B&W film is of an abandoned and decomposing purse seiner discovered at low tide resting next to old cannery pilings in Ship Harbor, Anacortes, WA. What happened next to the ship is not known. There have been purse seiner accidents and sinkings, one involving a ship called The Inventor reportedly in 1980 ending up beached at West Beach just south of Ship Harbor. However, if the 1980 date is correct, this is not it.

Sterling literally waited and waited and took a number of photographs to obtain at least one which would have some motion in it. The exposure was slow enough to allow the birds to be blurred images, which was the intent of the photograph -- life is evanescent, frequently difficult to capture in our minds and, often mysterious.