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eBook - Adult ADD Factbook - The Truth About Adult Attention Deficit Disorder Updated June 2013

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This book gives you the latest and best understanding of what is currently called Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Since its original publication in 2011 and its update in 2013, no other book has educated its readers about ADD as well as the Adult ADD Factbook.

What you are purchasing here is the exact final version of the 2013 edition in the form of a fully searchable pdf file.

This book could have been titled "The Dopamine Paradox." Dr. Sterling shines a bright light on the scientific findings which make it completely illogical to call the so called ADD brain a "disorder." He points out clearly that the most powerful common denominator and force for producing almost all of the characteristics used for diagnosing ADD is "suboptimal dopamine presence and function for good working memory, but optimal dopamine presence and function for responding to threat." One more time: the upside to the brain we currently categorize as ADD is "emergency capability" (threat responsiveness) and the downside is "mild to severely compromised working memory."

Reviewers have labeled the book as ground breaking and paradigm shifting. Give it some time to sink in and you will find yourself understanding so much more about why the Western Hemisphere brainsets are quite different from most other brainsets in the world.