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VF Orig. Print Signed by Photographer of John Surtees, Turn 7, Can-Am 10/26/1969.

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Entitled “Surtees Breeze.” John Surtees driving the Jim Hall constructed Chaparral 2H into Turn 7 RIR, October 26, 1969.

Hall built several versions of his “2" car including an A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H (skipped I), J and K. This 2H car was nicknamed “The White Whale" but was no whale when it came to speed. Surtees noted that he was never perfectly comfortable with the car since it was quite different with a longer and narrower configuration. It was raced for just the 1969 season and was replaced in the 1970 season with Jim Hall’s wild and crazy, ground effects car #66 that was so successful it was outlawed from racing in the 1971 season. Hall was a brilliant constructor who kept coming up with designs that worked too well.