"What the eye is to the mind, the mind is to the eye." (tm)

[Updated January 11, 2022]

Since June 2020, I have been slowly adding new photographs to this gallery. Many of my photographs are analog, taken with black/white and color 35mm film, and color 70mm film using early 35mm SLR and Hasselblad 70mm cameras. I am in the process of scanning those original film-based images and converting them to digital. Scanning analog photographs and converting them to digital is very time consuming but well worth it.

I will be posting my large inventory of fine art photographs from the serious to delirious for your viewing and purchasing pleasure.

My "Art Hat" has become a permanent fixture. I don't usually need a hard hat for this kind of construction, unless I fall asleep and fall out of my desk chair after a few days of sleep deprivation. It might be time to invent a combo Art/Hard Hat. Oh, yah, and add on a Thinking Cap app. too!

This site is the culmination of several earlier sites that I created and utilized for my book and publication company, for a "duckitude" project, and for an early version of an online fine photography gallery and its short-lived brick-and-mortar existence .

Thank you for visiting! Best wishes, Ron

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