"What the eye is to the mind, the mind is to the eye." (tm)

[Updated June 1, 2022]

News and Important Notice

First of all, some of my customers have already learned that I have moved from the Seattle, Washington area to Kailua, Hawaii. That has caused longer delivery times for purchasers of my photographic prints. The typical processing and shipping now requires about seven business days.


Selz.com is closing down and this store will only be available until June 30, 2022. I plan on moving my galleries to either my Etsy Store "Domains and Things" or to my own store at "Sterling Images dot us." However, it will take some time to list inventory at either site. Check those two sites around the end of summer for viewing what will be listed by then and for further updates. Thank you so much for visiting this store, and for those who purchased items, a very big thank you!
Take care, Ron Sterling

Original Introduction

Since June 2020, I have been slowly adding new photographs to this gallery. Many of my photographs are analog, taken with black/white and color 35mm film, and color 70mm film using early 35mm SLR and Hasselblad 70mm cameras. I am in the process of scanning those original film-based images and converting them to digital. Scanning analog photographs and converting them to digital is very time consuming but well worth it.

I will be posting my large inventory of fine art photographs from the serious to delirious for your viewing and purchasing pleasure.

My "Art Hat" has become a permanent fixture. I don't usually need a hard hat for this kind of construction, unless I fall asleep and fall out of my desk chair after a few days of sleep deprivation. It might be time to invent a combo Art/Hard Hat. Oh, yah, and add on a Thinking Cap app. too!

This site is the culmination of several earlier sites that I created and utilized for my book and publication company, for a "duckitude" project, and for an early version of an online fine photography gallery and its short-lived brick-and-mortar existence .

Thank you for visiting! Best wishes, Ron

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