Remembering Bruce McLaren 50 Years Later and My March 2, 2020 Discovery of My Lost B&W 1969 Can-Am Photographs

"Get quacking!" (translation "Spread the News")

We, or, actually, I should say "I am working my tail off to get this new site o' mine functional before June 1, 2020. I have had my Art Hat on for over a month now.” I don't usually need a hard hat for this kind of construction, unless I fall asleep and fall out of my chair after a few days of sleep deprivation. It might be time to invent a combo Art Hard Hat. Oh, yah, and add on a Thinking Cap app.

This site is the culmination of several earlier sites that I created and utilized for my day job (psychiatry - adult ADHD specialist with one book credit so far), for a "duckitude" project, and for an early version of an online fine photography gallery and its short-lived brick-and-mortar existence . . . Click here to read more at 'About'