Remembering Bruce McLaren 50 Years Later and My March 2, 2020 Discovery of My Lost B&W 1969 Can-Am Photographs

"Get quacking!" (translation "Spread the News")

We, or, actually, I should say "I have been working my tail feathers off to get this new site o' mine functional by June 1, 2020 (check, done)." That was the easy part. Now, and for the near future, I will be posting my large inventory of fine art photographs from the serious to delirious for your viewing and purchasing pleasure. My Art Hat has become a permanent fixture. I don't usually need a hard hat for this kind of construction, unless I fall asleep and fall out of my chair after a few days of sleep deprivation. It might be time to invent a combo Art/Hard Hat. Oh, yah, and add on a Thinking Cap app.

This site is the culmination of several earlier sites that I created and utilized for my book and publication company, for a "duckitude" project, and for an early version of an online fine photography gallery and its short-lived brick-and-mortar existence . . . Click here to read more at 'About'